Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities Network
  • Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for over a third of the world's 884 million people who still do not get their drinking water from improved sources.
  • Africa has 9% of global freshwater resources, but 15% of the global population.
  • Almost 20% of Sub-Saharan Africa relies on a water source that is more than 30 minutes away from the household.
  • 26% of Africa's population (244 million) has a piped water connection on their premises.

Network associates

AWASLA Network Associates are regional and international organisations, non-governmental organisations, research institutions and individuals who wish to exchange knowledge and best practice in the field of urban water and sanitation through the AWASLA platform. Network Associates also include those organisations that contribute towards the support of the AWASLA Secretariat.

To participate in AWASLA as a Network Associate please complete the form found on the Participate in AWASLA page and return it to