Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities Network
  • 26% of Africa's population (244 million) has a piped water connection on their premises.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for over a third of the world's 884 million people who still do not get their drinking water from improved sources.
  • Africa has 9% of global freshwater resources, but 15% of the global population.
  • Almost 20% of Sub-Saharan Africa relies on a water source that is more than 30 minutes away from the household.

Integrated Urban Water Management key to addressing droughts in Bulawayo City Council


The workshop served as a platform during which the ICLEI Africa gave feedback to the city on the Climate Systems and Risk and Vulnerability assessments that were made on the city during the data collecting phase of the SURe Water 4 Africa: Developing LoCS project in 2014. The active interaction and debates during the workshop also aided in ground truthing the collected information.  In welcoming the outputs from the assessments, the city officials reiterated the need for Bulawayo City Council to build upon the baseline of climatic and socio economic data collected during the project’s data collecting phase. Having such a repository of data would be critical to enable decision and policy makers to refer to it in developing policies and strategies that would adequately address the challenges that the city faces within the context of climate change. Such a coherent approach would simultaneously contribute towards building resilience of the city’s infrastructure and service delivery to impacts of extreme weather conditions such as droughts.

The workshop was held from 24 – 26 February 2015. The technical officials within the city’s key departments of Engineering, Civil Protection Unit, Office of the Town Clerk and the Bulawayo Residents’ Association actively participated in the first two days while leaders from the different community groups in Pumula attended the workshop on the 26th.

The SURe Water 4 Africa Developing LoCS project is being implemented selected local authorities within six countries in southern Africa and it is receiving funding from the European Commission.