Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities Network
  • Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for over a third of the world's 884 million people who still do not get their drinking water from improved sources.
  • Almost 20% of Sub-Saharan Africa relies on a water source that is more than 30 minutes away from the household.
  • 26% of Africa's population (244 million) has a piped water connection on their premises.
  • Africa has 9% of global freshwater resources, but 15% of the global population.

Policymaker Resource: Water- Innovation for Green Growth

According to the 2011 OECD Green Growth Strategy, green growth policies and strategies can unlock opportunities for economic growth particularly in emerging economies. Effective water management has been identified as a crucial catalyst for promoting green growth. According to the Secretary General for OECD Ange Gurria, “Investing in water security will drive sustainable growth. These investments must be well-planned, fit in with broader development agendas, benefit local communities and the environment, and be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances”.

Drawing on their recent work on policies to support green growth and on water economics and governance, OECD prepared a policy perspectives brochure. The brochure lays out opportunities to manage and invest in water, identifying key policy options that local, sub national and national governments can use to assist the transition towards greener growth. To access the brochure, please click here.